About me

(ici la V.F fr)

I’m Jim Jourdane (full name : Jean-Marie Jourdane), french illustrator currently working in the city of Angoulême, well-know for it’s Comics Festival!

I love to explain things with illustration and making science illustration. I worked for Milan Presse, explaining to children things like the size of universe or how 3D films work.

My current project is Fieldwork Fail, a blog illustrating stories of scientists working in the field. I’m working on this project to make it into a book, illustrating facts about wildlife, explaining science and the every day life of scientists. I make this project in cooperation with scientists all over the world (USA, South Africa, Canada, UK, Colombia…).


I’ve worked in animation studios like Normaal Animation, as an animator, a scenarist, and a storyboarder. As a director I made 2 animated sequences about asiatic mythology for a documentary about Japanese tattoos, and another one about roman mythology included in the TV series Art Investigation (no connection between both).

-> See ANIMATION page

Other facts about me : I’m left handed, I love to play music (clarinet, ukulele and harmonica) and I love to travel (I passed a year in south-america).

Please contact me for any inquiry or feedback !

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